xjsunx (xjsunx) wrote in lehmanhs,

What did everyone get for Christmas?
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I got some money, and I'm getting a PDA sometime next week.
But best of all, I got my family and friends to be thankful for. Yea, I know, it's cheesy as fuck but I don't care. I got all you guys to be thankful for so I don't need anything else. What more can I fucking ask for!!!??? Shiit. I can't wait to go to the Galleria and waste my 4 dollars that I got and have a shitload of fun.
I got the same things as you with the exception of the PDA.
Damn.. you got 4 dollars?
i got about 240 in cash, but no other gifts. I dont really care about gifts though, unless they come from the heart of course :)
Hell yea! Thats how I feel. So you didn't get what I got because I got 4 dollars....
you didnt say that in your first comment!! you just said you got money! which i did too so HA
Yea I did. Reread it and you will see. I said I wanted to go to the Galleria and waste the 4 dollars that I got.
You bitch you added that!! tryin to make me look dumb. Stop editing you comments!!!
I didnt add that you retard. I didnt even know I could edit comments. I usually delete them and just write them again...
And thats what you did!!! fucking bitch trying to make me look like the bad guy :(
WTF!!!! I didn't do that shit. You trying to turn this shit around on me. But it's not gonna work. I don't think so buddy!!!
YOU FOOL! You have been lead on by be. I just wanted to see how many times we can spam this shitty ass lehman community journal! Oh and by the way i did also get $4 for christmas. Cause someone gave me $5 and then i spent $1 on ice cream cause im a carefree happy little boy.
Nope. Ice cream is $1.25 nowadays. I don't think so buddy. You didn't get what I got.
Hell yea i got a good deal then. I heart the icecream man!